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The Preface to the Readers. The Lordour Redeemer having thus laid the founda- tion, by paying a Cufficient ranfom for all mankind, and perfeftly finifhed his work of fatisfaaion , he takedi longer time for the conveyance of the fruits of it. As the Expiatory facrifice was for All, fo will he have the tenour ofhis Grant in the Gofpei to be Univerfal, with- out reftraint to any , or excepting any : All {hall have Pardon andRight to life Eternal,ifthey will Believe and, Repent, and none fhall have them that Refule thefe Conditions : Antecedently to Believing, All have an equal Conditional Gift of pardon, and None have 'an ,.Abfolute, nor an Actual Right : The GoCpel findeth us equal, and makes no inequality, till we firft make it our felves : But the fecret unfearchable workings of Divine Grace do bein the difference, and make it in us, be- fore it is made us.- As an Eternal Purpofe did Defign it, fo an infuperable Vi6torious handdoth execute it When the fame Chrift path dyed for All and the fame Conditional Grant is made to All and the fame Pro- mulgation of it is made tomany , even to All that hear it ; Yet the fame Vieforious, Internal Grade is not afford- ed to All ; nor doth God give All a Heart to Believe and Accept of what the Promile offereth them. The Spirit is as the wind, that bloweth where it lifteth. All have fufficient ObjediVe Grace;that live under the GO , fpel ; and all have 'a fufficient Help External or Inter- nal, to make themBetter , and bring them Neerer to hrift than they were : But All have not fufificiea Inter- n '34 Grace 'Immediately to caufe them to 3elieve : much leis Ejfee-tual. Thar this is (laved to try, is long of t lemfelves,who Ce that Commoner Grace which was iflidint t) have,made them:Better : That it is Granted to Any) is frotn the Bountyof God : That it is Granted to This man rat, then to That , is from his At;folute Dominion