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X61) Courfe, I have kept the Faith: Henceforth there is laidup for me a CroWn of Righte9ofnefs, which the Lord the Righteous judge giveme at that day : andnot tome only, but to them alfo that love his appearing. Heb.6.1o. God is nut-unrighteous toforgetyour workand labour, &c. Col. 3. 23,24'.'Whatfoever ye do, do it heartily as to the Lord, not to men :knoWing that ofthe Lordyefhall receive the reward of the Inheritance. Heb.1 I.26. For hi hadrefpert to the Recompence of Reward, (viz, in choofing afflillion With the people ofGod,&c.) 2 Thef. z. 5 ,6. Which s a manifeft token of the Righteous Judgement ofGod, thatye may be counted worthy of the Kingdomof God, for Whichye altofisffer. Seeing it is a Righteous thing With God to recompence tribulation to them that trouble you, and to you who are troubled, Reft with us, when the Lord Iefus fhall be reveal- edfrom heaven, &c. Mat. 5 . 12, 46. Rejoyce,forgreat is your Rewardin Heaven If ye love them that love you,what ReWardhave you? Mat. 1 0.41, 42. He that Receivet" a'Prophet in the nameofa Prophet, fhall receive a Prophets ReWard: and he that receiveth a righteots; man in the name of a righteous man, (hallreceive a righte- ous mans ReWard : Andwhofoever (hall give to drinkto one ofthefe little Ones, a cup ofcold water only in the name of a Difiiple, Verily Ifay untoyou, he fhall in no wife lofehis Reward. Mat. 6.1 ,z,4,6. That thinefilms may be in fecret :and thy father Whichfeeth in fecret,bimfelf fhall Reward tbee openly. When thou haft (hut thy door, Pray to thy father which is in fecret : and thy father Whichfeeth infecret,(hall Reward thee openly. 1Cor, 9.17. If I do this willingly, I have a Reward. Col. 2.18. Let no man beguileyou ofyour Reward. Mat. 19. 29. Every one that bath forfaken boatel or Brethren ; , &c. for my Names fakeilhall receive anhundredfold, and fhall in- herit everlafling Life. Luke 16.9. And 'fay unto yott, Make toyour [elves friends of the Mammon ofunrighteossfnefs, that whenye fail,theymay receive you intoeverlaJling habitations. Soall thole texts that promife pardon, or Glory on condition of mans Adions. Ifa 1.16 I , t7 18. Wafbyou : make you clean:, pa away the Evil 13 of NA.