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(105) do in termini, and fenfe affirm and defend has he molt immodeft- ly ufeth to do) , whomfoever elfe he perfwadeth to believe him, he muff excufe me, if I credit him but as he deferves. SECT. I I. COnclti.i §.2,.I do believe that God is our God,King and Go- vernor, and that both on the Right of Creationand of Redemption ; and that he governeth usby a Law, which is part- ly natural, that is revealed,by natural caufes, or figns , and partly fupernatural and Pofitive : And that this Law doth command us perfe61obedience, and determine of each particular wherein it shall confiet ; and that nothing is fin, but what is againft Gods Law , and all that is a breach of it, is fin : and that this Law is Norma ARionum moraliam, & : The Rule ofour lives, and Gods Judgement. Condo. 2. I believe that this Law cloth conftitute eternal death, tobe the due punifbment ofevery fin, to every firmer : and fo obligeth,ad obedientiam,avet ad panam ; to obedience abfolute- ly, and to punifliment in cafe of difobedience. Conch,. 3. I Believe that this Law is not abrogated by Chrilt, nor did he ever intend inch a thing, but contrarily , to attain the ends of it, and fatisfie and glorifie the Juitice of the Legiflator, and fo to ftablifli the Law. Conchs. 4. I Believe that this general nature of the Law ( to oblige to perfe tobedience or to punifhment) together with the natural particular precepts in it, are the very Law of nature, that is, refulting from the nature of man in this prefent ftation , as re- lated to the foveraignty and the holynature of God : fo that to fay that God himfelf could change thefe Laws, otherwife then by fill changing the nature or natural ftation and condition of man, is but to fay, he can do contradictories, and can take away a Re- lation,while the fubjeet, Term, andFoundation do continue. In- deed fhould God turn man into a (tone, or bruit, the duty of Lo- ving Godwould ceafe: or were it poffile that manhad a will which fhould not have Good for its objeet, thenGod should not be that objeci. Conclu®