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(rob ) Cone/Nf:5. By what names or Titles this Law of God fhOuld be called, I refolve not to quarrel about with any , fobeit we be agreed concerning the matter. i. Some will call it the Covenant of works : which word I ufed fornetime in my Aphorifms, as re- taining thename which the whole received from the promiffory part. This title upon better confiderarion, I now think fitter to forbear and difclaim. My reafon is (as is laid) becaufe the name is given fromGods promife of life in that Law, and that promife is now ceafed, and therefore it is not fit to denominate the LawA Covenant from that only part which is null. I did acknowledge in my .Aphorifms that no man was capableof being juftified by this Covenant or promife; but I law not fo clearly as now I do, that the Promife it felf is null. (Inwhich point the judicious Animad- verfions of a very reverend, learned Brother, have been no (mall help to me, though I amyet forced to diffent in part from his opi nion.) Others Rand fluff for what I firft in terms afferted, viz.The continuationof the whole Covenant, Prornife and all But it is clear, that when man firft broke Covenant,God was difobliged : and man was quite uncapable of having fuch a promife made to him : For whenhe was once a finner it was not only, morally im- poffible that he fhould be no fanner (as it was impoffible for him to keep the Law for the future) but it was naturally impoflible, as being a meer contradiction. To feign a promife of God in force, that hewill lavemen on condition they have no fin ' when they have all fin already, is abfurd. Yet I fay not that God abrogated this promife,by making abetter, but that man nulled it by his Co- venant breaking, fo making the matter impoffible, and fo it ceaf- ed, ceffante materia, vel fubjeai capacitate. 2 Some will yet call this Law in queftion, The Lail, ofwork'', though not the Covenant of works : Becaufe the precept and Commination remain (only fomePofitives ceafed which)may well denominate it a Law, and becaufe it flill commandeth perfect obedience for the future. I have nothing to fay againfi this. 3 . Some will call it The Law of xature ; againft which title nei. tiler have I any thing to fay. 4. Some call it The Moral Law : And here Divines fpeak very varioufly : many of them call the meer Decalogue, or pre- ceptive part of the Law ofnature , by the name of the Moral Law, without the fanaion (eitherpromife, or threatning) others call