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ki jl ( 124) faith that the LawofChrift threatneth a penalty which we muft fear and pray to have our fins pardoned as to that penalty : which is the want ofneer andfWeet Communion With god in Chrifl, even in the timeofthis life, and a ljablenefs to all temporal ajfliflions, asfruits andeifeds of the tranfgrellions ofthat Law ; and therefore When ever wefeel the Lords chaflening hands on us, he would have its ask forgivenefs offi,,, as we are taught in the Lords prayer page 206. 203. 210. Now I would know how this ftandeth witl; perfect pardon ; and how it conies to pafs that man mull bear any punifbment himfelf,when Chrift bath made a perfe& fatisfadion.? when they have anfwered themfelves, they will perhaps fee what others may anfwer. But I fhould have thought that this doctrine here delivered, againft praying for pardon, as to the eternal pu- nifhment, fhould have made a Chriftians ears to tingle, and be fhouldhave felt by experience the Spirit of Chrift within himcon- tradiding it.I Confefs there and many other fuch paffages,which then rnention'cl &Mr Cr.hath like himfelf attempted to palliate) did urgeme in the Append.ofmy Aphor. to fay fomewhat againit it, p. 99. and in the Aphor. p. 33o, to marvail that fuch a Teek, shouldhave fo many applauding Epifiles of fuch Divines. I hope Mr. Caryl takes not thefe words ill, becaufe there are two Epiftles of his : For as I unfeignedly reverenced him, and fome others whole Epifiles I there found,fo I neither named him, nor intended his difhonor : though I cannot deny but that I am forry to fee his name both there, and here ( in Mr. Cr.) Conchi. 3 2. Nay the punifhment which remaineth unremoved, ( and fo far unpardoned) to the Saints in this life , is not fo con- temptible,or fmall, as to octal-ion men to deny it to be evil, or pu- nifhment. For i. The earthand other creatures retain ail! that Curfe, Gen. 3.170. which was palled on it for our fakes, and fo was our punifhment .2.Man undergoeth thatlife of labor & fweat there threatned. 3. The feed of the Serpent bruileth our heel, as was fentenced. Satan bath power to tempt us to fin , frequently and violently, and that to haynous fins ; which is a fore punifh- ment in it felf to the Godly : Though I fay not that, all tetuptar. tion is penal , forAdam bad fome in innocency Yet to be gi. ven up to frequent fin , foul temptations is : and to have the Meffenger of Satan to buffet us. 4. Wicked men are left, as thorns in our fides, not only to vex us, but to provoke US to evils and