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( 129) bath a certain prefent intereft in that Chrift and Prornife, and bath the Spirit within him to caufe a renewed application,and (at leaft for ordinary fins of infirmity ) it feems that the Habit of Faith and Repentance which is ever in him, is a Condition which_ qualifieth him for prefent Remifsion ; and fo the guilt is but tran- fient, and the juttitted Rate is permanent , nor is it fuch a guilt as makes an interceflion in our Adoption or Unionwith Chritt , or cafteth us out of Gods favour : but only maketh Remiffion ne- ceffary : Andmolt properly we mutt fay, that the Law conclud- eth that we deferve punifhment, and fpeaketh meetly de Debia but nothing de Events, againft a Believer, Obferve this :A Law as a Law, doth direaly conftitute Duenefs, and fo the Commina- tionmakes the Penalty Aft' to the Delinquent.One ufe of the Law is to be Norma ; and God is juft, and therefore though the Law as a Law limplyhind not him to execute it nor deprive him of a power to Relax it and Difpenfe with it ; yet the perfect wif- dotn and Juftice of the Law-giver, and the ends of Government, forbid the doingof this, but upon a valuable confideration, which may equally attain thofe ends : So that Implyedly, Indirealy,by Accident, the Laav molt commonly fpeaks de Events , as it doth direaly,and perfe de Debito: So that the fubjea mutt expea the Execution. This being premifed , I apply it to our Cafe. The Law fo condemned Adam that it gave him caufe to expea the execution eventually (till the remed. was revealed ) as well as to conclude it his Due.The Law fo condemneth unbelievers,(though Elea ) that it gives them caufe toexpea theExecution eventually, unlefs they will believe ; and therefore to expect it while they re- main unbelievers. The Law of Nature and Grace fo condemn all final unbelievers, as that they are left without hope,its fentence being Peremptory and Irreverfible,not only de lure but alfo de Events, foretelling that there dull never be a Remedy. And this isAccidental, or added to it, as it is a Law : and in this it exceed-, eth in tenor the very Law ofWorks in its utmott rigour to Adam: for though that contained noRemedy, yet it excluded it not for the future, as this cloth. But now the Moral Law,doth fo threaten punifbment to a true Believer for his daily frailties, as that it only as a Law doth conftitute the Debitwn pcenx ' it fpeaks de jure., what we deferve ; but de Events, that we fhallaftually fuffer hell fire , it filth not a word to fay ; becaufe the Promife ftops its mouth