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The Preface to the Readers. matter is it which w:iy he comes by it e whether by Chrift or by other means ! And fo they take 11 the Hiftory of Chrift to be a ulcer Accident to our neceffa- ry belief ; and the precepts only of Holynefs to be of Ahfoute I4ccflity. The former contemn God, under pretence of extol- ing Chrift.The latter contemn Caria,un ier prezenc2 of extolling God alone.For the objr is apprehended only by the ad : he therefore that contemneth the .a6i,doth contemn the object, as an objca. And fo he that pre- tending to t xtol Chria or Fdth, dePracieth Godly- nefs , thereby fo far rejeoleth God :''And he that on pretence of extolling Gocilynefs, degrradeth Faith, fo far reje6teth Chria its obje61, which makes me think of a Paffage ofGreg.NaZ;anz.orat I . pa.1 6 where fhewing how by abufing theDo6trine of the Trinity fom ..-. were become Atheills ( that is, denyed confequently any God-, head ) and fome Jews ( as Arrius) he addeth a third fort that in amiaaking way of avoiding the for- mer being nimis Orthodox too Orthodox, did worfifp many Gods in the Trinity. On the one fide, Chrifi were not Chrift, the Saviour of fouls, if he fhould not by Faith, bring them to ho- lyncfs, and fave them from their fins. On the other fide, it is a falfe fuppofition that any but Chrift is able to renew Gods Image on the foul. For, i. It is only Chrift that by his blood hath removed. Impediments, and purchafed this Power, not into ano. thers ha.nd, but into his own. 2.It is Chrift only that by office is appointed thereunto': 3. It is Chrift only that bath given fufficientpre- cepts, Diredions, and Rules for San6tification. 4. And he only that hathpropounded a fufficient Encouragement and Motive in the Promifes ofanother Life., 5. And.,