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The Preface to the Readers. 5. And it is he.only chat catvfend forth a Conquer im? Spirit, to .fanaifie an0 bring back the fouls of men to God. It is_only to him that God committed the Spirit thus to beam:cr. I do therefore de 'tea both thefe extreams. But yet it being the former that I cake to be the greater, and that too many men of better repute do give coo much countenanc to , in their inconfiderate difputes againa Works in Juaification, I thought I had a Call to fpeak in fc great a Caufe. My opinion is that its Effential to Juftifying Faith to cake Chria as Lord and Saviour; and that they who fay, Bat not qua ufliffing,do emply falfe Dothine, as I have eliewhete dircovcred : I think that Holynefs is of the 'EfEnce of Chriflanity ;and if I were lure a nn were unholy, t would not call him (except analogically) a Chriffi3n. Tertul. Apol. C. 46. faith , Sed dicet diqut etiam tie nofiris excederequofdam a Regala &Mph-fix De, filnt turn Chrilliani haben penes nos : Philofophi vero cum tahbus fac7is in Nomine & in bonore farentix perfe;- verant. And cap. 43, .Netno illic (in carceribus, ) ChriJianus nifi plane tanturn. Chrifianas : autfi aiud jani non Chriflianus. i1thenagora4 Legat. pro Chrift.p. 3 Nut- his (km Cbriflianus malus.ell,nifi baneprofelsiowm fimulas -writ. That it is the very bufinefs of Chrift, the .Spi- rit and'all Ordinances, to bring-back the foul fromGd to the Creature. See whcit iv,/i.4nz. faith, Ora% r pag., rt. fluic contra jeopus eft, anima pefinaf aide, e , ac mundo earn eripere, Deoque dare, Divinamque InlaVnem aut nentemConjervare, autperrclitantern fulcsre , diLlram in Prifiinum flatumrevocare.; Chriflurnque per pirtturn fancrium inpedoris cbmicilitern adrnittere:atque fur/maxim dicam,eum,qui fuperni agminis fit, Deurn ef(icere,th- fuper- yarn beatitudinern ipfi comparare:- Huc Magylra Lex tendit: (ch.) Hoc