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The Preface to the Reatiee4 fying'Repentance,jullifying Law,as well its jugi yin&Faith This is pofitively andvehementlyaffirmed by file. Andhe plainly (hews that it is my felf that he (peaks of. I do tru- ly continue that high eftimation of this Reverend Bro- ther which 1 firft did fincerely exprefs. But all men are imperfect : I much define more candor and truth in thefe P ° ailiges I vehemently difclaimed All caufality of - works or Faith to Juftification, tohimfeif inprivate wri- tings. z. As alfo I (hewed him that if I were guilty of bringing them too neer to an equality, it was by taking down Faith more then he , but not by railing works higher then others. 3 .1 gave him reafons why it was not fit to fay, luflifying Repentance, Love, c. 4, It was fo far frommy thoughts to talkor thinkof tifItifyilfg Law, (if he mean not the GoCpel promife, as its like he doth note for elle lure he would not account it ftrange) that I pur- pofelywrote againft it, and as plainly as I could fpeak, And yet muff I be faid, or intimated vehemently andpo- fitively to affirm fuch things ? Whythen, what good will dilputingdo Or what Remedy but to appeal to a Jufter Judge ! That .Credere,toBelieve or lay holdon Chrill,though they be Grammatical Actions, yet they are naturally pafsions, as intekere, videre,&c. whichpag, z z 5 . he makes to be the full& reprefentation of that T ruth. This, I fay, is the point which I gave him in writing my reafons againft, but he here takes no notice of them. Whether my fore- mentioned promile in myEpiftle to Aphor. oblige me to a Reply to what is faid againft me in this Book, I (hall confider, as God affordeth me opportunity, and (hall hearken towhat others advife me to therein. But if I re- turn no Reply, I yet conceive my felf fully excifable. 1. In that the Author in his Epifile, feemeth to avert it, profeffing his thoughts againft Replying to a whole Book. If I write then, he will take what (craps he pleafe ( e ) into