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(8) laylabors. I Afftv. I,. IfGod take awaymyReputation,be will no more exped I fhould ferve him by it, then he will exped 'Mould ferve him byhealth or wealth when he path taken them away : Nordoth he expel that i Ihould be fo folicitous for its recovery as tonegled any greater work the while. 2. God hath .permitted the Columniator to play his part fogray, and toof fert thofe things voluminoufly and.confdently which contradid thernfelves, and which all that knowme, know tobe falfe, that I think filch a tongue is not muchcapable ofdiminifhing a nuns Re- putation, nor is it any way needful to Vindicate it irom fuck. Yet though 1 will notgive a priicular anfwer to any iiich ,tings as thele are, I (hall againft the whole fubilance and Icopeof the .undertaking anon prove againit Mr. Crandon, and Mr. Eyre, that the Papifts give more-to works then I do, and I (hall` ;give them the Confeffion ofmy faith, that they may truly know how much i give to them. 2. But first s muft take notice of the other fort, Wholavebeen toffended in the ref-peas forementioned at my Dodrine,andwhom I-ammore obliged to fatisfie ; and becaufe the things they blame me for, are i. Some miftakes in Dotirine. a.Affetation offin- gularity. 3. Or at leaft too eafie diffenting from the judgement ,oftheOrthodox ; For the firft, I am left uncapable-of fatisfying them : 'For-changemy judgement I cannot, till evidence of truth :do it : And ifI fhould, it would not ferve turn: For then I Ihould -Offend all on the other 'fide, who are for that Dodrinewhich I de- liver : So that man-pleafing is a frivolous ; yea, an impoffible work. And to give-them the Reafons of my judgement, will but -offend them more ; for I:find men are impatient ofcontradiftion, and ofuttering that which is againft their-opinions But to go asfar as I am able to fatisfie both thefe offended parties,both the Hetro- dox flanderers,and the Orthodox fober Godly Divines( I mean& -many of them as are offended, for very many I know are not ) I 'Thal! now inorder perform thefe feveral things following. I. I will make a true confeffionof my faith, by which you may judge of Mr. Byres and Mr. Crandonf charge ofPopery, Socinianifm, Arminianifm, -&c. 2. To the 'General Confeffion I will add a more particular account., how much I give to mans Works, and how much. I deny to them. 3. Becaufe Mr.Lyre,-and Mr.CrAg- arrn&boldly, that by Antinomians, I mean Antipapifts, tha