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(10 carafe tobe aAansed of. To be afhamed of him, is fo far to deny him to be God. Nor will I ever be of that Religion Whichgives men leave to lye, and to deny it : (Airy Religion Both not : To deny ittherefore, as fo far todifclairn and renounce it : Therefore fo far ad I deny it, fo far .1am not of that Religion. Ibelieve that no manAall befaved by the Chriflian Religion that will not lay down his life rather then deny it : Mitch left he that Will not let go the favor and efleem of men: andelpeciallyhe that prefers his credit with loch a man as Mr. Crandon,beforehis Religion, bathfire very low thoughts of that Re- ligion, and mean expettations from it, and may well look, that Ins RewardAmid be anfiterable. So much for Preface. j DoBelieve the Holy Canonical Scriptures, and all things therein contained to be infallibly true, as being the Word of God. And I do Believe it tobe a fufficient andperfed Rule or Law, needing no Additi- ons of Tradition, or Humane Tellimony to fupply its defects, though it fuppofe fome Tradition and Humane Teftimonyas neceffary to its Promulgation and Expli- cation. :fuppofe this fingle Confeffion freeth me from the charge ofIn. fidelity, and of Popery : For an Infidel believesnot the Scrip- ture, and a Papift believes it to be but part of Gods Word, and Tradition the other part ; and upon that ground they let in all their inventions and Will-worfhip. And feeing the main point wherein we differ from the Papifts,is in maintaining the fufficiency ofthe Scripture, I fuppofe I need not add any Creed or other Confeffion as neceffary to be fubfcribed, as if this word alone were an infufficient Teft, to try by who is Orthodox, and of the right Religion. So that think have in this made a fufficient Confeffion, did not mens mifappreheufions require more. Objeft. The Papifts bed e e the icrpture. Bleffed be Cod for it tit they believenot its fuffici. ency,but take it, as I laid, to be but part ofCods Word. Coble& The Sociwans and' Arminian.; believe the fofficteng rf Scriptsres