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(I i) Anfiv. So long there is the more hope of their reduction. But they believe not fome plain particular Doftrines ofScripture:The Soc; nians believenot the GodheadofChrift or the HolyGhat, though the fiat be 'oft in terms, and the latter at leafi in fence, exp-effed in the Scripture : Nor do they believe Chrifts fatisfafti- on : Therefore they do not believe the Doftrine ofthe Scriptures, though they believe in general that the Scripture is true. if any will prove that I deny any Doctrine ofthat word which in general I believe, I will revoke it when I fee it fo proved : In themean time I proteft, that it is my refolution to fearch as impartiallyafter the truemeaning of the word as I can,and that I would fainknow the mind ofGod therein, though it colt me the utmoft pains, and the lots of mens estimation and favour, and though my great& Temptation to partiality in my fiudies doth lye in my loathnefs to diffent fromGodly Divines, whom I moll highly value and ho- nour,and whole love I more efteem then anyother mens ; Yet,by the Grace of God, I refolve as faithfully as I can, to refill even this Temptation alfo, and to layopen my foul to the teachings of Chrift by his Word and Spirit. But becaufe it is expected that therebe a moreparticular profec- fion of the feveral Doctrines contained in this Word; and be- caufe I confefs fuch a Profeflionvery fit and neceffary in other re- fpeets, ( it beingnot every word inScripture that is of flat necef- fity toSalvation, it is very fit that thofe which be fo, fhould di- flinetly and explicitely be believed ) I fhall defcend to fuch par- ticulars. And becaufe the fummofmy Belief for Affent and Con- fent, is expreffed inour late Worcefter-fhire Profeffion of faith, I shall here recite it ( becaufe it is but (port) with the change of one word for abbreviation : suppofing the Apoilles Creed. SECT. II. 2.1. Believe that there is one only God ; The Father, 5. 26 1 Infinicein Being, Wifdom, Goodnefs andPow- 4Priff" of er : the Maker, Preferver and Difpofer ofall things, and the moil Juft and Merciful Lord of all. I Believe that mankind being fallen by fin fromGod C 2 and