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O. et 0 5) make Gods own tretious truths the occafion of this forementi- oned fin, and ,; hate the Communion ofSaints, evenwhen he is Zealous fer the Catholike Church, the forgivenefs offins, or the Refurreai of the body. But yet I am not fo fingular as tomake this a pretence for my own Errors ; and therefore togive fuller fatisfadion, I further add. S. ; SECT. IV. 4.1- Have peru(ed the larger Catechifm of the Affem- 11 bly, and judge it a molt excellent fumm of Divi- nity : and fomuch the more excellent, in that it is fpa- ring in the difficult, and more abftrufe part,and moil full in the pradical part: And I find no word that I diffent from, fo I may have leavebut to interpret four words as followeth. INN Here it is faid,that the Covenant ofGrace was made With V Chrill ' as thefecondAdatn,and in him,With all the Elea. I underftand it of the Gentu of the Covenant, one fpecies being madewith Chrift , and anotherwith man, andnot as if it were one and the fame Covenant in pecie that was made with Chrift and with man: though I acknowledge that the promife made to Chrift contained the Salvation ofhis Elea as the matter ofit. 2. Where it is faid : War as if the Grace offaith, or any aE thereofWere imputed to himfor his 7psflification : r. I underftand it thus, and fo affent to it, that our faith to not imputed tous, as being inflead of a perfea Ilighteoufnefi of obedience, to the ends as it Was required by the LaW of Works, nor is our faith the matter, or the meritorious caufe of the Remifflon of our fin, our right to Salim, tion. I think this is the meaningof the Reverend Affembly ( if I may think that they had all one meaning ) and that in fence differ nor from them. 2. But I will never fubfcribe thefe words, nor