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(24) 2. In the 3. Art. fa1. 12. its plain by the annexed words, that perfualionemMoralem, they mean external fwafion, and do not determine whether thename of fwafion be agreeable or not , to the internal work of the Spirit, which for my,part I am certain is, beyond my reach toknow, and I amconfident beyond the reach of all men onearth, even thofe that molt pretend toknow it. But that this grace of the Spirit is neceffary to fandifie both theUn- derftanding and Will, and that it is an adof Omnipotency , and infallibly effedual, ( commonly called irrefiftible ) on all the Elea, I am ready againft all Pelagians to defend. 3. Where it is faidfed.t 5. that illam non accipir,i, alit hoc fpiritualia omnino non Cure, in fiso fibi placer : aut fecuru, fe habere inanitergloriatur,quod non habet : I underftand it as fpo- ken of the ordinary fort of gracelefs unregenerate men, and not of all; for I doubt not , but its pofsible for a wicked man to know that he is wicked, and be afraid of Hell, yea, and to de- fpair. I am loth to think defparation is a mark of Grace, and that none are gracelefs but the fecure and confident. 4. In the 5. erirtic. felt. 9,1o. Where it is faid that, Believer, may be, and are certainof their perfeverance, according to themea- l-ore of their faith, I underitand that word, are Certain, pro men. fora fidei. 1. As fuppofing the certainty of their fincerity ; for a man muff be certain that he hath grace, before he can be cer- tain to perfevere in it. a As fuppofing a certain underftanding of theTruth of the Dodrine, that all true Believers shall infal- libly perfevere : for nonecan be certain to perfevere meerly as a Believer, that is not firft certain that all Believers fhall perfevere. 3. I fuppofe therefore that this is not fpoke of all Believers, but of fome. For r. All are not certain that they are fincere. 2. All are not certain that the doctrine of Infallible perfeverance is true for to conclude that all the Lutheran Churches that deny this, and all the Arminians andAnabaptifts that deny it, and all the Ancient Fathersand Churches that denyed it , befides (Mufcaltts and others of our own,were certainlygracelefs and unbelievers, were not only inconfiftent with the faith and charity, but with the rea. fon of a Chrifhan ;. and no lefs then an inhumane charge. 5. Where it is faid, feCi.i 1. that God per Spiritum Sanblum perfeverantie certudinem in iifdem rurfus excitor. I underftand it as true of.fome, but not of all ; for I dare not pronounce dam- nation