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( st) ) form, can deferve pardon of finpafi from god: No Not ofone tke finallefl fin. 8. There Was no fsch T'ertue or Efficacy ;PI the mofi coolly: syeal.: .ices of Mofes Law, or the fallefi able, yance ofall their Rites, as couldofthemfelves procure the par.:61 offia, or do any thing thereto, otherwife then inSubordination to the bloodof Chrifi. 9. The belt work! and fullefi obedience of all the creatures in the World, could not have made God Satisfaffion for our former fin. 1<:). AHeathen that bath not the Gofpel, cannot by the light or power of Nature, do any fuels works, upon which God is obliged to give him the Gofpel : 211ot only on the account 6f defert, but even as meerconditions ofa Covenant, are they thus totally defeelive , God being in no fads Covenant with any finchmen. I I. An Infidel that bath the Gofpel, cannot by the meerhelp of that Gofpel, and the meer power of Nature, do any Work, on the per- formance whereof (as Meritorious, or meerly conditional ) God is bound togive him Faith : becaufe God is not in any Each Covenant with them, nor can their works deferve it. I2. A Baptized unfound Believer, who bath the highefl faith, Aort ofthat which it flaying, cannot by the meer light ofthe goffrel, or by the power of Nature and common Grace, do any aCt or Work, on which god is bound to give him fincerity , or #ecial laving Grace : there being neither Merit in his Work, nor any Promile, Which fhouldoblige God hereto. 13. works of External Obedience to Chrift, do not fo much at go before ourfirfl Rerniffion and 7uflification as bare conditions. 14. Nay, they do not ( iffincere ) exift before it, but in order of nature feem to followafter it : So that it isnot only fides folum, but fides fola, in refpeEl ofthem, bywhich We are nftifled. x 5. Faith it fell doth not Merit oar Pardon or luflification, nor hiftifie us as awork, noras Faith. 16. The Regenerate,When itifitfied,cannotfor thefuture perfeflly fulfill the Law of God ; much left can they do,works of ftspererraga- tion,pleafing to God. 17. No work! of he Regenerate, internalor. Externalore tojoyn With Chrifts Sufferings and Merits, as any part of Satisfadion to Gods 30flice for our fins ; no not the leepart,for thehaftfin.Nay, they make,usfurther indebted to God, in that our beft graces aregods gtftsa