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( 3 ) gifts,and the exercire ofthem is but a receiving morefrom him: The more we do, the more we enjoy, not only for, but in our duty. 18. Works done by the power of Grace, according to the Law of grace or Nature, do, not Merit either our ?unification or Remtfflon, as begun, continued or confammate at udgement ; Nor yet our Sal- vation : No nor any temporal Bleffing: nor jet do they joyn With Clorift in Meriting, as any part of Merit. 19. Neither Faith, Love, Repentance, or any Works ofours, are any trueefficient Caufes of our Rem;ffion, or yofitfication ( Con- flitutive or Sentential before God ) either Principal or Infirm- mental!, 20. External Works, be they never Jo glorious and coilly, (as thegiving of all that we have to the poor ) are not fo much as ac- ceptedby God,Withosst inward fincerity, and right ends : And When there is both fincerity, andright ends, and the work materiallygood, yet is it not fo much as acceptedby God, but onlyfor Chrifi, in whom thedefeat andfinfulnefs of it arepardoned, without which it could not be accepted, fo far asfor the perfon to efcape punifhmentfor it. AMan would think, that among true SubjeCts ofChrift, who knowwhat obedience they owe him,I thould need to fay no more againft works; and among men of holinefs, one would think that this much fhould fuffice to free me from the imputation ofPopery : lintel's the Flaccian fpirit be again revived. But if in-\ deed it be true that Mr. Eyre, and Mr. Crandon fay, that the Pa- pills give no more to Works then I, then I think the Papifts are lefs Erroneous then we have hitherto made the World believe. Do Proteftants deny to Works any more then I have here done ? In a word more, I do utterly difelaim the giving of the lean part ofCbrins Office or Honor to mans works, Now I hope my affirma- tions, wherein I than Phew what I afcribe to Works, will not be offenfive, ifthey contradict not thefe Negations. SECT. I I. M obedience to all his Commands, Deut. 1 2. 3 2. Mat.4.1 o. L. I* Jinkind atetb to god a4 bra Creator and Ruler, a perfill 2 Mani /floral-Natural perfalion confifled in bps perfoa inter- nal