Baxter - BV4253 B39 C78 1658

20i TheCrucifying of the world, And -as the world without reafon through malice rejeeted our Infant-Head ; fo Godwill find both Reafon and Love toreceive and entertain his Infant-members. And as long as we have Gods exprefs approbation in his Word, for parents entring their children into his Covenant and have the examples of all Nati- ons by the Lawof Nature, allowing parents to (Alter their chili dren intoCovenants which are apparently for their good, and to, put their names into their Leafes with their own, we fhall not think our Infants unca pable of Covenantingwith God, no of making this early Alai enunciationof the world. z. From hence allo you may learn what room it is that the world fb3uld be allowed by you, even the fiable and the manger, as it allowed Chrift. This is a point of mod neceffary confidera- tion. The foul of man hath its feveral faculties : As vegitative it hath its natural parts, and fpirits, and powers, and a natural! Appetite after the creature. This is the fiable and the manger, where the creature as a natural good may be entertained : It !Oath alto as fenfitive, its power of fenfation, and fenfitive A p- petite. This alto may entertain the creature ; but not for it felf, nor by its ownconduft ; but under the guidanceof Reafon to an higher end. But the high andnoble faculty of Reafon , and the Rational' Appetite , may notallow it the leaft entertainment in its feparated capacity,aswe are now difcourfing of it. It be, liongeth not to the Naturall or fenfitive Powers to fee and. Love, God in the creature ; and therefore it cannot be required of them; and therefore they may receive their obje6ts , ( mode,. ratedby reafon) upon lower terms. But its the office of Rea- fon,as to moderate the fenfes, fo to behold God in all theobjet, of fenfe ; and no otherwife fhould it have todo withfenfual ob- leas, of which more anon. 3. It was not long that Chrift had been in tbe world before. Herod fought his Life, and caufed him to flie into e/Egypt. And as foon as we are capable of affaulting the world , we muft actually fall upon it,and feek the extirpation of all its Intereft ftom our htarts, where Chrift lets up his throne. It was for fear of lofinghis Crown that Herod fought thedeath of Oral. It mull be for fear left Chrift ftiould be dethroned in ourhearts, and tote his regal Intereft, and left we ffiould lofe the Crownof glory , that we mutt endeavour the crucifying of the world. When.