Baxter - BV4253 B39 C78 1658

By the Crofs of Chrif. ary When Angels and wife men did worfhip Chrift, yet Herod did leek his death , and the more fee/Cie, becaufe of their accla- mations, as being brought into jealoufies of him by the Titles which they gave him. So when the Princes and great ones ofthe earth do extoll the world , and magnifie its glory , we mull be raifed hereby into the greater fufpition of it, and the more refol vedly fet againtt it. As Herod did put to death even the innocent children, left Chrift fhould escape , that fo he might make fare work for his Crown. So muff we fubdue our fenfuall defires,by denying them fometimes even in lawful things, left we fhouldbe carryed to that which is unlawful before we are aware ; and we mutt avoid the very occafionsand appearances of evil , and reftrain our felves in the liberty that we might take, and not goas near the' brink of danger as we dare : For it concerneth us to make fare work where the Reignof Chrift and our own falvationis fo much con -_ cerned, as in our vit`ory over the world it is. 4. The whole life of Chrift on earth was one continued con- fl:&with the world. They believed not on him even when they law his Miracles. They hated him even while he did them good. They affordedhim not a fettled habitation. So in the height of its Glory, the world mutt not be trottedby us. Though it afford us fuflenance for our outward man, yet mutt we hate it ; and we muff allow it no fettled entertainment in our hearts. Chrift was in the world, and the world was made by him, and yet it knew him not, lob o i. i o.We converfe in the world and our outward man mutt live by it,as in it we received our life, and yet we mull not know it in its feparated capacity : The world could not hate them that were of the world , but Chrift it hated,becaufe he was not of it, john 7.7. and 15. i8, t9. and 17. 14. Somuff we hate the world,becaufe it is not of that na- ture, nor for that Intereft as the Ne eV creature is, though world- hugs that are of it cannot hate it. The nearer Chrift was to the endof his life , the more cruelly and malicioufly did the world ufe him. And the nearer we are to our parting with the world , the more mull we contemn and hate it. S. The world didarraign and condemn Chrift as a Malefador; they charged him to be a Deceiver , and one that did hismighty E a works