Baxter - BV4253 B39 C78 1658

30 The Craci,yingof the world, by vvhich it executed its deceits. We cmuff give it the Gall and Via negar of penitent tears, and threatned judgements. The vvorld thtas defp fed and rejebled Christ, maki,g him, aman e} forroWs , andacquaintedwith our griefs ; they hid their faces and efteemed himnot, Ifa. 53. 3. He had too form or comelinefi in their eyes, and When they lawhim, there Was nb beauty that they /houtddejre him, Vert 2. So mutt we defpife and reje& theworld, and hide our faces from it, and not efteem it difdaining even to look upon its pomp and vanity, and to obferve its gawdy alluring drefs, or once to regard its enticing charms. We mutt thinkjt all into a loath- fom vanity, till there appear tous no form or comelinefs in it, nor any beauty for which we fhould delire ir, and wonder what they can fee in it that fo far doteupon it ; as to part with Chrift and falvation to enjoy it. Theworld did even triumphover a crucified Chrift and flake their heads at him, and fay, Hefavedothers, beet himfelf he can- notfave.] And we mua triumph through Chrift over thecruci- fiedworld, and fay, This is it that promifed fuch great matters to its deceived followers; that men efteemed before God and glory; and now as it cannot fave them from the dua,or the . wrathof God, fo neither can it fave it fell from this contempt that Chrift doth cart upon it. Caa down this Idol out of your hearts,and fay, If he beaGod let himhelp himfelf. Laftly , the world when they had crucified Chrift did bury him, and rowl a ftone onhis Sepulchre, and feal it up, and watch it with fouldiers to fecure him from riling again , if they cou!d. And we mua evenbury the crucified world, and beburied to the world, and lay upon it thofe weighty confiderations and refolu_ tions, and Peal thereto with Sacramentall obligations, and follow all this with perfevering watchfulnefs, that may never permit it to revive and rife again. And thus mutt we learn from the Crofs of Chrift,Irow the world is to becrucified ; as it ufed Chrift, we mutt ufe it. For it is the whole courfe of Chrit+s humiliation that is meant here by his Crofs,the reft being denominated from the mot+eminent part; and therefore from the whole mulwe fetch our pattern and in- ftruCtions, by the diretion of the Allegory in my Text. SECT.