Baxter - BV4253 B39 C78 1658

By the croft of Chrift. SECT. V. 3 I l T it will not be unprofitable if we more particularly and orderly acquaint you with thole Ads which the crucifying of the world to our felves doth comprehend ; over- palling chofe by which Chrift did it for us on the Crofs , till anon in the due place. t . The fir's ad is, To efleem theWorld as an enemy to God and ue, and fo as a Malefador that deferveth to be crucified. And this mutt not be only by a fpeculative conception, but by a true confirmed pradical judgement which will fer all the powersof the foul on work. It is the want of this that makes the world to Live and Reign in the hearts of fo many, yea even of rhoufands that think they have mortified it. A fpeculative Book-knowledge that willonly makea man ralk,is taken inttead ofa pradical know- ledge. Almoft every man will fay The world is a great enemy to Cod andus ; but did they foundly and heartily efteem it to be fuch , they would ufe it as fuch. Never tell me that that man takesrie world for his deadly enemy , who ufeth it as his deareft friend.. Enmity and deadly enmity will be teen. Here is no room to plead the command of loving our enemies ; at leat noman can think that he mutt love it with a Love of friendfhip and therefore with no love but what is confiftent with the hatred of a deadly enemy. This ferions deep apprehenfion of Enmity , is the very fpring and poile of all our oppoliition. We cannot heartily fight with our friend, or leek his death. There mutt be fome anger and falling out before we will make the firft affault : and a fettled enmity before we will make a deadly war of it. This apprehenfion of enmity confifteth in an apprehenfion cif the hart- fu.nefs of the world to us, and of theoppo;ìtion it maketh againft=- Ggd andour falvation , and of the danger that we are in conti n ally by rearm of this oppoficion. So far as men conceive of the world as Good for them', fo far they take it for theirfriend and love it. Forno man can choofe but love that which he,feri- ouflycomeiveth to be Good for him. This complacency is clean contrary to the Chriftian. hoftility. But when weconceive of it as that which we Rand incontinual dangerof being everlafting, ly undone by, this will turn.ou:.beartsa.gainft it. it undoes men dine