Baxter - BV4253 B39 C78 1658

The Epi/lle Dedicatory. truef} Charity or Pelfdenyal, is fell that is his principle, end and all : For a man to be fufficient for himfelf and happy in himfelf without troubling God by prayer, or needing man, was the fumm of his Religion. Pride was their mailer verrue, which with us is the greatefl vice. And for all his Teeming contempt of Riches and Pleafures, yet Seneca keeps up in Inch a height of riches andgreatnefs, as that he was like to have been Emperour. And fome- time to be Drunken he commends, todrive awaycares and raife themind; pleading the ex- ample of Solon and 4rceftaus ; confefsing that Drunkennefs was obje6ted even toCato their highell pattern of vertue; affirming that theob. jeaors mayboner make the crime honefl,then Cato difhoneil. Among all thisfeeming Charity and Self= denyal, that proveth not a fanaiñed heart,how excellent ( but too rare) is the true felf-4enyal and charity of the Chriftian ; who hat quit all pretence of Title to himfelf, or any thing that he bath, and path confecrated himfelf and all to God ; refolving to imploy himfelf and it entirely for him ; fludying only to be well informed which way it is that God would have him lay it out. And among th.efe Saints rhexn-