Baxter - BV4253 B39 C78 1658

The toiftle Dedicatory. ty Confcience,for Ióme fecret odious fin which they live in. Some will be Liberall with the Hypocrite for applaufe. And fome will give with.a Pharifaicall conceit of merit ( even ex condigno, from theProportionof their work to the Reward, as the greatefl Popifh Do&ors teach.) Some through meer fears of being damned, will be liberall, efpecially out of their fuperfluities; choofing rather to forfake their money then their fin. Some do pretend the higheft ends and that itis Chrifla himfelf to whom they dó devote it : but they will part with nomore then the flefh can fpare : And that they may yet Teem to be trueChriflians they will not believe that any thing is a duty , which requireth muchPelfdenyal, and fland- eth not with their profperity in the world. And fome will give much out of a meer natural kindnefs of difpofition, or upon meer natural motives ; though not as to Chrifl,nor from the Love of God, nor from that Spirit of Chrifli- an fpecial Love, by which the members of Chriff have their Communion. What excels lent Precepts of Clemencie and Beneficence bath Seneca ? Yea what abundance of felf denyal loth he feem to join with them. And yet fo flrange was this higheft naturalifl, to the truefl