Baxter - BV4253 B39 C78 1658

36. The crucifyingof the world, toman, Annihilate then the world to your felves. When it would appear to you tobe what it is not,and would promife you to bewhat it cannot, let it beas Nothing to you. Conceive of it as of a fhadow, ora thing that feemech to Be and is not. Could you oncemake Nóriviur of it, it would have no power overyou, no any unhappy effeasupon you. You wouldnot dote upon a known Nothingi nor change your God and Glory for Nothivg. As 7o6 faith a the wicked, yob 27.19. E he openethhis eyes, and he ùnot : j fowemay fay of the world : whenwe open our eyes we (hail fee that it is not : that which before feemed Nothingto us, will appear tobe All things ; and the world that: feemed all things will be Nothing. The fumme of all that bath been faid is this. The oppofing world muff be apprehended as an enemy to God andus, and fo far Hated : The glazing world appearing as our felidty , or a competitor withGod, muff be conceived of as Worthlefs ,.and Contemned : And the world as it would appear as a feparated Good, being any thing tous, or having any thing for us , out of God ,.muft be annihilated in our conceptions, and taken as Nothing, SECT. VI. 7 E are next briefly to (hew you how ic is that we are V V Crucifiedto the world ; having ¡hewed you how the world is Crucified tous. And ingeneral the meaning is; that we are as Dead or Crucified men to it, in regard of thofe fore- mentioned unjuft refpeas inwhich the tempter would prefent it to us. So that [ Crucified J here is put for the abfence of that AaionandworldlyDifpofition, which carnal men are guilty of. So that it is a Moral,and not a Natural death that is here men- tioned ; and obfervably differeth froma Natural in thefe - re- fpes. , A Natural death deftroyeth thevery Powers or Faculties of Aaing : But a Moral Death only deftroyeth the Difpofition and A aion it felf,,,but not anyNatural Power. 2$ ANatural death is Insoltentary, and in it felf is neither a venue nor avice ; neither Moral!) Good orEvil,. But a Moral death