Baxter - BV4253 B39 C78 1658

By the Crofs of Chrifi. death is principally in the Will it felt, and nothing is more vo- luntary, and fo it is the principal virtueor vice : To be dead in fin and to God, is the fumme of all Evil : And to be dead to fin and the world, in Chrift, is the fumure of Moral Good. 3. Natural death hath no degree of life remaining (fa-ving of the feparated foul.) But Moral death mayconfift withmuch of the contrary life. For it is denominated from the predominant habitsof the foul; which may {land with much of the contrary habit, though fubdued. We cannot therefore gather that Paul was abfolutely free from all fin betaute he was dead to it, or crucified to the world. For this is a Moral death confaíting in a conqueft of the enemy ; who may be laid to be dead , becaufe he is overcome ; and confuting in the prevalent Habits of the foul , which yet may have too much of the remnants of their contraries. More particularly, i. If we are Crucified to the world, our un- due eJtimatian of the world is Crucified. We have no Idolizing over valuing regard to it , (in that meafure as we are dead to it.) As the worlddo not Rega>'d the wsrks cf the Lord , Pfal. 28. 5. Ifs. 5. r z. So the Saintsdo not Regard the things ofthe world. The life of faith loth fo elevate their fpirits , that they are mounted up above the creature, and look not upon the world ; or look upon it as a defpicable thing. They are above that which is the delight and imployment of others ; and that which the fen- fual call Felicity, they toll call Panic), : And as a mans ftomack abhorreth that which a dog or a fwine will greedily devour ; fo the foul of a Believer lothdefpife and abhor the delights of the ungodly. As Pride makes the Rich look contemptuoufdy' and difregardfuliy upon the poor : So the holy elevation of Belie- ving fouls, doth make them look contemptuoufly anddifregard- fully upon all the glory of the world. As faith doth bring them up to God, and make him their Oh}_ft and their All ; So Both it make them fomewhat like him, and minded as he is minded: And as God regardeth not perfonc, Deut. to. 17. nor accepteth the perfons of Princes nor regardsth the rich more then the poor, lob 34. i 9. but is pleafed more in the leaft of his image on the humble faithful foul, then with all th glittering glory of the world, fo is it in their meafure with his people. Where they fee nothing of God, they feel nofib(lance ; but fo far as God ap- F 3 peareth 37