Baxter - BV4253 B39 C78 1658

48 TheCrucifying of the world, flefh- pleafing orcarnal felicity that is his End , and therefore he feeketh God for the fleas : When he prayeth to him, when Ee1oveth him,it is but as he is a Means to this hisCarnal felicity, and not as he is himfeif his chiefefl: Good. Thus you may fee what it is to heCrucified to the world,and wherein true Mortifc- ca.tiondoth confìft. SECT. VII. AFewObjections are here tobe anfwered, that we may the more profitably proceed. Obj. r. A man may havehunger or thin in his veryfleep,Wben be cannot refer the creature to God. Anftv. r. We fpeak only of Humane , that is Moral as and fuch Defires as are under the command of the Will. 2. A man may Habitually refer things to God, when hedoth not Actually. Obj. z. Howcan a manreek,God inplowing or Working in his fhop, when thefealions are f heterogew ? eAnfw. God made nocreature, nor appointed any imploy- ment for man, which maynot fitlybe a Means to himfeif As all came fromGod, fo all have fomething of Godupon them ; and all tend to him from whom they came -. There are Tome Mean, that Band nearer the End, and fon a are further from it ; and yet the molt remote are truly 44eans.Aman that is but cutting down a tree, or hewing flones out of the Quarry., doth as much intend them for the building of bis houle , as he that is erecting the frame, or placing them in the building. We cannot attain the End without theremoccft Means, as well as the nearefi. Obj. Weare taughr to Pray for our Daily bread ; therefore We may Defire it, and Labourfor ;t. Anlrr. No doubt of ir. But we are taught to Pray for it, but as a !Wean! to the Hallowing of Gods Name, the Coming of his Kingdom, and the Doing of his Will : and therefore only as a .Meansmulti wedefire it, and labourfor it ; and that for thefe and no lower ultimate end,. And therefore the words are fuch as exprefsonly things Neceffary , [ Our daily bread ; j that we may perceive it is but as a Means toGod that we defire it. If our Being