Baxter - BV4253 B39 C78 1658

By the Croft of Chr1fio 49 Being be not maintained, we are not capableof Well- being,nor of ferving God : And if the Meansof our Being be not con- tinued, our Being will not becontinued in Gods appointed or- dinary way, And therefore we pray for the Meant of our fuften- tation that we may be kept in a capacity of the Ends of our Being. Obj. But a man cannot be ah'ay thinking on God, and there- fore not alway intendinghim as our End, andthereforecannot do at for him. Anfty. i. If fin difable us, that is no excufe. z. A man may Habicually Intend an End, which he doch not Aftually thinkof : Yea he may have an AElual Intention, which yet he dothnot ob- ferve, becaufe of other more fenfible thoughts that areupon his mind. And yet his forefaid Intentions may be Rill effeftuall to caufe him to ufe the Means as Means. For example : A man that hath a journey to go, is not al- waies thinking of the endof it, by anaftual obferved Intentioh, in every ftepof his way : but perhapsmay be much of the way taken up with thoughts and difcourfe of other things. And yet he doch truly Intend his journeys End, in every ftepof his way , and ufe every ftep as a Means to that End. And fo is it with a true Chriftian in the work of God, and the way to heaven. Obj. But may we not ufe the creatures for Delight,as Well as for Neceiity ? and is it notfo commonly refolved ? Anfw. Theword [Necrffzty ] is taken either ftriftly for that which we cannot be without ; and fo there's no doubt of ir. Or largely for that which is offill to the End : And for De- lights, force of them are NJ:etffary , that is, Ofeful (.,Means to our ultimate End ; and chafe muff not be oppofed to things Necessary ; but may be tired becaufe I ecefary. As any thin/, which truly tendeth to recreate, revive, or chear the fpirits fo't the fervice of our Matter. But no other Delight is lawful. To efleem our fief,y Delight for it felf; and the creature for that Delight, and fo to ufe it, is meer fenfuality, and the great fin which fan&ification cureth in the foul. If Delight it felt be de- fired truly but as a //lean/ to God, then the creature the more remote t.iVeans, may be ufed for that Delight, as its next End ; but not elfe, H Obi.