Baxter - BV4253 B39 C78 1658

The crucifying of the world, which he had fpoiled, and theredidhe triumph over them, while they miftakingly triumphed over him, Col. 2.14,15, If you fay, what is all this to sts anfwer, When the world is once conquered , the heart of it is broken : AV when our Head bath overcome it, there is a great preparation made for our vietory. Elfe would henot have faid to his Difciples , lehn 3. In the Worldye Jhall have trebulation,, but beofgood chew-, have overcome the world. J. For as the confequence is good Becaufe Ilvve,ye jhall live alfo,] 7ohn :4. 19. So it will hold, Becanfe I have overcome>theWorld, ye lhallreArconse it alfo.] Yea as it is faid of. hisWorks, [greater Works then thefe ¡ball ye do. ] John i 4. la. So is it faidof our conqueft , [ In alltheft thingsWe are fuperviliors , or more then Conqueror through him that bath loved se Rom. 8. 37.] 2. Anotherwound that theworldhath received by the Crof.i of Chrifi fieffered, is this By it fatisfaetion is made to God for the fin that the world had enticed man to commit, and fo gonadpretinm, the vietory which the world had formerly obtain- ed over us, is nulled, and its Captives refcued, and we are cured of thedeadly woundswhich it had givenus : For be healeth all our difeafis, Pfal. 103. 3. andloisfiripes are therented) by which weare healed, IJ7.5 3 5. So that it is a vanquifhingof the world, whenChrift doth thusnullifie its former vittories : For thus he began to leadcaptivity itfilf captive,, which at his Refurration and. Afcenfion he, did more fully accomplifh , Pfaim 68. 18. E .1) b 4. IL 3. Another molt mortal woundwhich the world received by the Crofsof Chrift, was this.. By. his Crofs did Chrift purchafe thatGloriousKingdom ,which being revealed andpropounded to the ions of men , cloth abundantly difgrace the world :la Competitor. If therehad beenno greater good revealed to us, or the revelationbad been obfcure and infufficient, or no A ffu- ranceof it givenus, then might the world have eafily prevailed. For he that hath no hopes of greater, will take up with this And be that looketh not for another life, will make as much of theprefent ashe can. When the will of a man is the fort that iscontended for, the affault mutt be made by Allurement, and not byform The competition therefore is between Good and Good : and