Baxter - BV4253 B39 C78 1658

By the Crofs of Cbrrfl. r. It is not only his Crucifixion, but the whole Humiliation of Chrift which is in this and other Scriptures called his Crofs the whole being denominated from themoil: eminent part, as was toucht before. And there are fivenotable blows that the world bath received by the jaffered Crofs of Chrift. a. One is,that Chrift himfelf in his own perfon bath perfealy crucifiedand conquered the world , fo that we have a viaorious Head , and the world is now a conquered thing. It affaultedhim from his birth to his death, and Rill heovercame. It affaulted him by fair means and by foul by frowns and Imites, by alluring baits and perfecuting forms, and Rill it was overcome. The threatnings and perfecutions could never drawhim to the committingof a tin : The enticingoffers of it couldnever bring him to an inor- dinate efteem of it , nor abate the leaft of his love toGod. In his great combat in the witdernefs he wasaffaulted bothwales. Hungercould not make him tempt God or difruft. The King- doms and Glory of the world, were defpifed by him when they were the matter of his temptation. He would not have fomuch as a felled habitation, nor any worldly pompor fplendor, that fo he might (hew that hecontemned it by his actions. If he had fet by it, he could loon have mended his condition. When the peo- ple would have made him a King, he paff away from them; for he would not be a King of the peoples making, nor have any Power or Dignitywhich they could give. Hecame not to Re- ceive honour of men , but to Give falvation to men. When Peter would have perfwaded him to favour himfelf, as favouring the thingsof Yan, andnot of God Chrift calleth him Satan , and bids him get behindhim : If he will do the work of Satan,he fhall have the name of Satan, and the fame wordsof rebuke that Satan had. Even in their hour, and the power of darknefs, Luke 22 53. they could do nothing that might make the leaf breach in his perfefïion : Andwhen they boafted of their powerto cru cifie him or releafe him , 7obn 19. I o. they could not boaft of their power todrawhim tothe fmalleft fin. Yea upon the Crofs did he confunamate his conqueft of the world, when it Teemed to have conquered him : and hecrucified the world, when it was crucifying him ; and gave it then the deadly wound. And there did he openly make a Thew of the principalities and powers H 2 which