Baxter - BV4253 B39 C78 1658

By the Croft of Chrift. 59 filledfullwith reproach : For the Lord willnot call offor ever : but though he caufegrief, yet Will he havecompajTon, according to the multitude of hit Mercies ] Lam. 3.24. to 3 3.. [ lind not on- lyfo, but we glory in tribulations alto ; k ioWing that "tribulation Workethpatience, andpatience experience, andexperience hope and hope maketb not ashamed] Rom. 5. 3, 49 5. L For if we fuser with Chrifl, we(hall alto beglorified together : and the fu f rings of this pro tnt time are not Worthy to be compared with theglory that /hall be revealed in ou. ] And [ we our !elves do groanWithin our [elves, waitingfor the adoption, the redemptionof our body.] Rom. 8. 17, 18, 23. [ When Paul fif feredfor Chrifi thelof ofaltthings, he accountedthem dung that he might Win Chriff. ] [That he might know the power of his refurreElion and thefellowJhip of his fuff'er- ings, and be made conformable to his death ] Phil. ;. 8,1o. [Re re- joiced in hisfigfferings, and filledup that Which ie behin ofthe o i- Itiont of Christin bìr PA, for his bodiesfake, which isile Church] Col. 1. 24. [ And tbuu was be Crueipiedwith Chrifl,andyet lived; jet not be, but Chriff lived in him ; and the lofe which be lived in theflrfh he livedby faith in the Son of God, who loved him and gave himselffor him, Gal. 2.2o. SECT. IX, I I I. a Aving thus /hewed you how the Cross of Chrift cloth Crucifie the world to us, and us to the world , I amnext togive you the Proofs of the point, that thus it is with true Believers. But becaufe the Text it kif is fo plain , and it is fo fully proved on the by in what is Paid already, and I have been somewhat long on the Explication I fhall refer the reif of the Scripture- proofs to the Application, where we fha"il have further occafaon to produce it : And I /hail now onlyadd tieArgu- ment from experience. To the Saints thernfelves I neednot prove it ; for they feel it in their own hearts : In their feveral:mea- lures, they feel in themfelves a low efteem of all things in this world, and an highefteemof God in Chrift. They would count it an happy exchange to become more poor and rPHi&ed in the world and to have more of Chrift and his Spirit and of the hopesof a better world : To have more of Gods favour, though I z more