Baxter - BV4253 B39 C78 1658

6 The Crucifyingef the world, mare of mans difpleafure : It i5 God that they fectedy long fore and groan after fromdaylo day ! Ir is God that theymull have, or nothing will content them. They can fpare you all things elfe, if they might have him. And for thofe that never felt Inch a thing in themfelves , they may yet perceive that it is in others, You fee that there are a people that leek more diligently after. Heaven awn Earth that arkhearing the Word of God, which inftrudeth them in the mattersof faIvatton, and are pray- ing for the things of Eternal Life , when you are labouring for the world : You fee that there are a people that feek fit-ft. the Xingdorn of God and his righteoufnefs ; and labour molt for the food that perifheth not, and are about the one thing Necef fary, which fheweth that they have chofen the better part. a. Andyou fee that there is a people that can let go the things of the world when God calls for them : That can be liberali itccording to their power to any pious or charitable ufus. That wiltrather fuffer in body or eflate, even the lofsof all, then they will wilfully fin againft God, and hazard his favour. 3. You have read or heard of multitudes that have fuffered. Martyrdom for Chrift, undergoing many kind of torments, and death it felf, becaufe they wouldnot fin againfl him. All thefe examples , together with the frequent affirmations of the Seri:. ptures, may affure you that thus ir is with true Chriftians. The world is Crucified to them, and they tothe world. SECT. Xt: IV. I' Am next to give you the Reafonsof the Neceffity of 1_ this Crucifixion the moll of which alfo , for brevity fake, I ¡hall referve to the Application, and,at prefent only lay down thefe two or threebriefly. r. The world is everycarnal mans Idol, and God cannot ert; &ire Idolatry To fee his creature let up in his ftead, and rob him of his Efteem and intereft , and beloved, honoured and servedbefore him : and to fee fuch contemptible things be taken aaGods, while God himfelf ftands byneglefted, he will not, he, tunoteodure this. Either Grace filiall take down the. Idol, or Judgement,.