Baxter - BV4253 B39 C78 1658

The trucifyigg of the world, feparation from the creature to God, in Refolution , Affection, Profeflion and Action. So that in what meafure foever a man bath the Spirit, in that meafure is he fanctified : and in what meafure he is fanctified , in that fame meafure is he crucified to the world : For that is theone half of his Sanctification, or it is his Sanctification denominated from the terminus à quo ; as. many Texts of Scripture do manífeft. By this time I hope it is plain to you, that Mortification is of the very being of Chriftianity, and not any feparable adjundi of it ; and chat if youprofefs not to be Dead to the world, you do not fo much as profefs your felves Chriftians. SECT. XIII. a. ND as you fee that the Chríftian Dodtrine teacheth this : So 2, It is thence clear without any more ado, that wherever the Crofs and Dodtrine of Chrift are effectual!, the world is Crucified to that man, and he to the world. There are fome great Duties which a man may pnffrbly be faved,though, he omit them, in fame cafes : but this is none fuch. It is a won- der to fee the fecurity of worldlings , how eally they bear up a confidence of their fincerity, under this fin which is as incontî_ fient with fincerity as Infidelity it fell is ! If they fee a man live in common Drunkennefs, or Adultry,or Swearing, they take him . for a prophane and miferable wretch ; and good reafon for it When in the mean time they pats no fuch fentence on them (elves, who may deferve it as much as the worft of thefe. It is one notable cheat among the Papifts, that occafions the ruine of many afoul, that they makea Religious mortified life , to be a workof fupererrogation, and thofe that profefs it, ( and force. of their own inventions with it which turn it into fin) they Cloyfterup from the refs of the world and thefe they call Re Iigiou people, and force few even of thefe that are either more devout or fuperfiitious;then the reft, theycall Saints. So rare a thing is the appearance of Religioùfneli and Sanîlity among them that it muff be inclofed in Societies , not only feparated from the world, as the Church is, but fparateckas it were out of the Church it felf. And yet the common people are kept in hope. of