Baxter - BV4253 B39 C78 1658

By the Crofs of Chrifí. 8t Canyou but tell mewhat is the main Defignofyour Life? Whe- ther it be for Earth or Heaven ? Know this and you may refolve the cafe. Aworldling may (peakcontemptuoufly of the world , and (peak moft honourably of God and the Life to come But fpeculative knowledge and pra tical are frequently contra- dielory in the fame man. Still it is this world that bath his chief Intentions, and is the End of his defigns and life ; and the world to come is regarded but as a referee, becaufe of their unavoid- able feparation from this world. The mainEnd of every upright Chriftian, is to pleafe andenjoyGod : and the main End of all the reft of the world is how toPleafe their carnal minds in the enjoyment of fome earthly things. If you could but difcern which of thefe is your chiefeft End , you might difcern whether it beChrift or the world that Liveth inyou. For Chrift liveth in you, when he is your End, and the world Lived' in you when it is your End. But becaufe fome are fuch ftrangers to themfelves, that they do not know their own Ends, the reft ofthe figns (hall be for the difcovery of the former, that you may difcern whether the world or God be your ultimate End. r. That òrbich is your Principal End íe highlyeJ? ejleemed by your PranicaPl judgement. Not onlyby the fpeculative , but by that which moveth and difpofethof the man. Is God or the world, Heaven or earth thus híghlyelt efteemed by you ? Let your Pra&ife (hew it. 2. It your Principal End, that bath the Principal Interefi in you. That can do molt with you and prevail moft in a conteft. Can Cod or the world do more with you ? Which of them doth prevail, when anoppofition dotb arife? I fpeak not of God itt his efficiency ; for fo I know he cando what his lift ; and will do it whether you will or no ; and will not ask your confent todo it. But it God as your End , that I now fçe2k of ; as he work- eth Morally bÿ your own content. and uponyour wills. Honours, and Profits and Pleafures are before you , and thefe would drawyou to foruethingthat he forbids : And God and Glory are propounded to you to take you off, & turn your hearts ano- ther way ; whichof rhefe can domore with you ? which is it that canmillifie the r'erfwafiens of theother ? 3. It úyour Principal End, that bath the principal ruling and M difpofal