Baxter - BV4253 B39 C78 1658

By the croft of Chriji. Sc. all things as they refpeá that end. Thofe will be the bet/ Corn- panions to you; and that the belt calling and condition of Life, the belt fpeech, theheft acltions, the belt way of difpofing what you have,what you think will molt promote your Heavenly end : fuffering will be better in your eye then profperity, if it do but help you belt to heaven. To give your moneywill feembetter to you then to keep it, to lofe is then to gain it , when it appa- rently conduceth more to the pleating of God and your falva- tion. That will be the belt Miniftry and means that tendeth molt to this : And fo you will eftimateall things elfe ; for its molt evi- dent that it is the end that prizeth the means, according as they are futed to theattainment of that end. But if fte(hpleating and worldly profperity be your end , that will feem the belt calling to you and that the belt employment and courfe of life, which rends molt to advance and pleafe your Beth : that will be the belt company to them , and thofe their molt beloved friends that further this profperity : that will teem . thebelt wayof difpofingof what they have, as to the main, what ever theymaydo on the by. Their prat`tical judgement efteem- eth this moR eligible. 6. It is only a mans end, and the infeparable neceffary means thereto, that he can by no means(pare. Other things he can fpare, and be without but not without this. If God be your end,your., heart is fo uponhim that you cannot be without him : you can be without honour, or riches, or life it felf, but not without God. But if the world beyour end, then its clean contrary ; and Chats. the thing that you cannot be withour. Hence is it that men plead necefficy of that which is their end, and the necefï'ary means. One thing feems neceffary to the Chriftian : he mutt have God in and by Chrift : I mutt ufe his means,faith he, I mug avoid the contrary, How that! I do this evil, and fin againfi god ? But the carnal mans necefiìty is on the other fide. I matt raife my Family if I can ; at leaft I mug keep my eRate : I mug not be un- done : I mull preferve my name,my life. 7. A man roil!h zardor part with any thing to fecure, or at- tain bis principal End. Nothing can be too good, or too dear to purchafe is : no;hingcan Rand in competitionwith ir. If God and glory be your End, awaygoes all that is inconfiRent with it. Y;ou'l part with a right hand or eyes as thinking it better to have M 3 Heaven 1