Baxter - BV4253 B39 C78 1658

$.,6 The Crucifying of the world, Heavenwich one, thenHell with both. You can part with honk, and land,and country, because l ou leek for a City that path foun- dation!, Whole builder and maker it God, Heb. i r.9, T O. You can live as Strangers and PÁIg-ims on earth, and rninde not to return to theworld whichyou have renounced, becaufe you defire abet- ter, even ce HeavenlyCountrey, Heb,it.t3,14,15.16. You will rather choofe to f ofaElio-pa-With the pe<pie ofCod, then to en- joy the pleafures of fin for 4,feafon, efleeming the very reproach of Chrifi greater riches then the treafures of the world becaufeyou have refpe i to the recompense of the reward, Heb . r x,24,25,26. The fearof man, even of the Princes of the earth will not pre- vail againft your hopes, becaufe you fee him that is invilible,, feb.a r.27. You can endure to 6e made agazing /lack, by re- proaches awl aflfilIions, and become the. Companions of them that are fo tried : You cannot only part with your fubftance when iGodcalls for it, but even t<,k,,e joyfully the ffioiiing of your goods, knoWing that youhave a better and more enduring fubffance in Heaven, Eleb0iO.33,44 You Will reckn that the fufferings of this prefenttime are not Worthy tohe comparedwith the glory which fhafl be revealed in us, Rom.8. t 8. In a word, you can deny your felves,forfake all, and followChrijl in expectationof a treafure in ÍHeauen,Luk..r 8.22. Never tell me that Heaven is your end , if there be any thing which you cannot part with to obtain it. For that which is deareft to you is your End. Why elle is it that"la- bour and fufferings, yea, and the apparent hazard of their fal- vation, feems not to a worldling toodeara price for the yurcha- fingof their prefentprofperity but becaufe they have laid up a treafure ,upon .earth , and earthly things are their shiefelt end. 8. Lafily, that ¡spur . ultimtate .end Which you think in yqur prailical Pudgement youcaa,,,ever Love or Labourfor too much. Ilknow there is frame a worldling to be found, which will not give it youunderhis hand as bis fettled judgement that;,its God and Glory only that cannot be loved too much, and hewillcor,- fefs thatheloveth the world toomuch. rut },et he dodo it while be confefeth it ; and he denyeth his chiefeft Love to God, whilehe ockno Iedgeth it due to him. And therefore it is, not his praetical effe&ùal _judgement for it, but only hehath an .uneffeftu- all Notionor Opinion of it. but its otherwifewith the fandi