Baxter - BV4253 B39 C78 1658

Bj, the Crois sf Ghrif: fled. Philofophers and Divines ufe to fay, that vertue is in the middle between two extreams : But that's only to be interpreted of the fubfervient vertues,wh:ch are exercifed about the Meant Bur the thiefeft Good and ultimate End is fuck as cannot be lo- ved too much. Themeafure here is, as fitsflin fpeaks , :bat it 'bs Without meafore. It is our Ali that is due to that Which we efteera and take for our All. God is our All objet`ively for fruition : and the All of our affe&ions and endeavours l=hould be his : with dour heart, with all our foul and might , is the.duemea- fure of our Love to him. We can never leek our End too diligent- ly, nor buy it too dearly:, nordo toomuch for it , in Gods way. And as the Believer thinks he can never have toomuchof God , nor do toomuch for him, fo the lives of woridlings tell us , that evenwhile they (peak difgracefully of the world, they think they can never have too much of it , nor would they think they could ever do too much for it were it not that overdoing for one part of their world1yIntereft, Both deprive themof another part. I have now told you how You ttíaydifeern whether it be God or the world that Liveth in your Hearts; and whether you are Dead to God or to the world. What remaineth but that you take it home, and apply it yet clofer then I can do , and try. what God it is thatyou adore ; and what felicity it is that youefteer and intend , and`confequently what you are, and what will be come of you if you perlèvere. I befeech you'make this your fe-' rious work, and take fame time for it purpofely when you come home,.todo it more effeetually then nowon the fudden hearing may beexpe&ed. What fayyou, will you take your felves apart fame time, and purpofely fearchyour hearts to the very quick; till youhave found whether the world beCrucified to you,by the Crofs of Chrift and the hopes of glory ? Ifyou didbut know the' aifefulnefs of the difcovery, Iam confident you would not 'need tomuch intreating. S E`Efiò