Baxter - BV4253 B39 C78 1658

94 The Grocifying of the world, Phis was preached at an AI- 1ze ar woreefter before the Iudges and there- fore here are there paffdges fuited to thatecca- bon. SECT. XV I I; Onourable, Worfhipfull,and all well beloved, it is a weigh- ty imployment that occafioneth your meeting hereto day, The dates and lives of men are in your hands. But it is another kindof Judgement which you are all hafting towards a when Judges and Juftices, the Accufers and Accufed muff all appear upon equal terms, for the final decifion of afar greater Caufe.The cafe that is then & there tobe determined,is not whe- ther you (hall have Lands or no Lands, Life or no Life (in our natural fenfe ; ) but whether you (hall have Heavenor Hell, Sal- vation or Damnation, an endlefs lifeof Glory with Cod, and theRedeemer, and the Angles of Heaven, or an endlefs life of Tormentwith devils and ungodly men. As fure as you now fit on thofe feats, you (hall fhortly all appear before the Judge of nll the world, and there receive an irreverfible fentence to an unchangeable !late of Happinefs or, Mifery. This is the great bufinefs thatTfhouldprefently call up your molt ferious thoughts, and fet all the powers of your fouls on work for the molleffeau- all preparation : that if you are men, you may quit your felves like men, for the' preventing of that dreadful doomwhichnn- prepared fouls muff thereexpeâ. The greateft of your fecular affairs are but dreams and toyes to this : Were you at every Affize to determine aaufes of no lower value then theCrowns and Kingdomsof the Monarchs of theearth, it werebut aschil- drens games to this. If any man of you believe not this , he is worfe then the Devil that tempteth him to unbelief : and let him know that unbelief is no prevention, nor will put off the day,or hinder his appearance; but afcertainhis condemnation at that appearance. And if you all do believethis, youwill fure be content that I (peak toyouof it as one that alto do believe it. Faith is theevidence of thingsnot feen : by it we may fore-fee the Judgement fet, theworld appearing, and your felves there waiting for your final doom. And becaufe we clearly find be- fore-band, who then fhall dieand who (hall live, I (hall delire of you that you would prefently improve the difcovery. Some think we cannot know in this life what will become of us in the Next But God bath not bid us try in vain, nor in vain delivered, us