Baxter - BV4253 B39 C78 1658

By the Crofs ofChriff. us fo many Ggns, by whichk may be known,nor is the difference between the faved and the damned fo (mall as to be undifcern- able, Our own reafon may tell us that the righteous God would not fend force to Glory with Angels , and others toend- lefs mifery with Devils, and make fuch a difference between men hereafter, if therewere not a confiderable difference here. He that knows theLaw and the fart, may know beforeyour Affiizes what will become of every prifoner if the proceedings be all juif ; as in our cafe they will certainly be. Chrift will Judge according to his Laws : Know therefore whom the Law con- dernneth or juftifieth, and you may knowwhomChrift will con- demn or ju(tifie. And feeing all this is fo , doth it not concern us all tomake a fpeedy tryal of our felves in preparation to this final tryal ? I (hall for your own fakes therefore take the bold- nefs,as theOfficer of Chrifi, to fummon you to appear before your felves, andkeep an Af ize this day in your own fouls and anfwer at the Barr of Confcience to what (hall be charged upon you. Fear not the tryal ; for it is not conclufive, final, nor a peremptory irreverfible fentence that mutt now pats : Yet flight it not ; for it is is neceffary preparative to that which is final and irreverfible. Confequentially it may prove a juftifying Accufation, an AbfolvingCondemnation, and if you proceed to Execution, a favingquickningdeath, which I am now perfwa- ding you co undergo. The whole world is divided into two forts of men : One that Love God above all and live tohim, and the other that Love the flefh and world above all and live to them : One that lay up a treafure in earth, and have their heart there : The other that lay up a treafure in heaven and have their heart there : One that leek firth the KingdomofGod and its righteoufnefs ; another that feek firft the things of this life. One that mind and favour the things of the flefh and of man the other that mind and favour molt the things of the Spirit and of God. One that account all things dung and drofs that they may win Thrift : another that make tight of (Thrift incompari- fon of their bufinefs, and riches, and pleafures iirthe world. One that live by fight and fete upon prefect things : Another that live by faith upon things inviable. One that have their_ converfation in Heaven, and live as tl'rangers upon earth : Ano- ther that mindearthly things, and are trangets to heaven. One that 95