Baxter - BV4253 B39 C78 1658

9 The Crucifying of the world, N D:now I (hall apply my _kW to chafe of you that are guilty, in whole fouls theworldly Intereft is predominant, and in whom the world is not Crucified by theCrofs Of Chrift but rather Chrift again Crucified by the world. I have nomind to difhonour you, or exafperate you : but if faithfulnefs to Christ and you will do both , there's no remedy. I do here prefer an Indi 1ment againft you in the Court of your Confciences , and before this Congregation the Articles I (hall diftinâlyread And firft,I require you, Rudy not a defence : excufe not, extenu- ate not your crimes : but confefsyour fin freely, andcondemn your felves impartially , and return to God, and forfake them fpeedily ; or you fhall do worfe. Self-condemnation may be favingand preventive, and the Death of fin thereupon , may be the life of your fouls : But if this be neglet`ed, and you hold on awhile till the great Affize, you (hall have another kind of chargethen this, even fuchan oneas (hall appale that face that now can merrily (mile at the accufatiori; and fuch an one as (hall bring down the ftouteft of your fpirits, and make the hardeft, heart to feel, and the ftubborneft of you all to {loopand tremble. O how eafieis it to hear your fin and danger from fuch a worm as I ? or tohear your (tate difcovered,and your felves condemn- ed by a Minifter of Chrift in a Pulpit ? but how dreadful will it be to hear all this from theLord of Glory ? and that when the cafe is part remedy, which now might have been remedyed if you would , and if your obftinate hearts had not refitted, TheGeneral charge that I put in againft you,is, Thatyou are Carnall flefh-pleafers , and have loved and lived to the world which you (hould have Crucified, and hive not lived as Devoted untoGod, nor hathhe beenyour End, or his Intereft predomi- nant in your hearts and lives. I fpeakonly to the guilty : and for. Evidenceofthe faet,I need none but yourConfciences, feeing it is only toyour Confciences that I accufe you, whichare acquainted, or fhould be, with the whole. But left Confcience it felf fhould be bribed and cor rupted, I (hall, befides all that is before Maid, produce a. little Evidence more. If