Baxter - BV4253 B39 C78 1658

.ao4 The Crucifying. of the world, wanted your trealure or your God ? and,if you grow rich or gain, how glad are you ? Were you Dead to the world,and the world to you, you would be more indifferent to there matters , and Poverty and' Riches would not feem fo much to differ as now they do : but Godlinefs with contentment, which is Profita- ble to all things, would feem to you the. Great Gain , r Tim. 4.8.&6,6. Obj. But may not a mango to Law to recover his oWn,or to right his own Reputation, if he be flandtred ? Anfty. Diftinguifb carefully in all your wrongs;between Gods Intereft in them and your own. Your own you muff forgive, but Gods you cannot. If he have intrufted you with talents for his fervice, and any would fraudulently or violently deprive you of them, you muff lookafter them as your Ma acts ftock : If a wound in your name or Rate difable you from doing God ter- vice, you muff ufe all lawful means to heal it , that you may be in a capacityof fining him again : And if your children or others have remotely a right inwhat you are defrauded - of,you may look after their right. And you muff not remit the crime as oft as you remit the injury : For that God path impofed penalty up, on , and the Rule is good, that the Punifhment of the notori- oufly vicious3s a Due to the Common - wealth , becaufe of the Necefíityof it to its good. In a word therefore,if you could do there things, youmight your felves refolve when it is lawful to go to Law, or Peek your Right, and when not. r. If you can well ditiinguifh between Godslntereft and your own. 2. And be fuse you forgive all your own injuries. 3. And that you watch your hearts narrowly left they pretend Gods caule and intend your own. 4. And be able by the coníderation of circumflances to lifcern in probability, whetherGods l nterea will be more pro- moted by going to Law, or palling it by. But alas, how rare a courfe is this I Of all the fuits that are before you atthis Afiize, I fear there are few that are commen- ced unfeignedly for the Intereft of God I If the Lord himfelf fhould ask bothPlaintiff andDefendant, Doyou follow this fuit for Ale, or.for yourfelver ? What anfwer think you they mutt make, if they ,fpeak the truth ? But of this anon, Having