Baxter - BV4253 B39 C78 1658

By the croft of ao Aving this given in my General charge againft the carnal worldling, and fome Evidence of his guilt ; I &tall now give you the Quality and Aggravations of your crime, infeveral Articles, as followeth. i . You are Guilty of Idolatry, which is high Treafon again(} the God of Heaven. That which bath your highe(t eftimation and-deareft affeftion, andchiefeft fervice, is your God. But this the world bath ; therefore it is your God. That which bath the moll of your Hearts is your God. But it is the world that bath the moli of your hearts. Youknow that the maindrift Of your life is for the world : And thatwhich bath themain-bent of your life, bath your heart. If Reafon be no Evidence you cannot refute Scripture, Col. 3. 5. [ Mortifie therefore your Membe upon earth ; ] and one is [ Covetoufnefs , which ù Idolatry ; Eph. 5.5. [ For this ye know, that no Whoremonger, nor unclean perfon, nor covetous man, who to an Idolater, bath any Inheritance to the Kingdom of Chrifl and of god. ] The cafe is plain in Scri- pture, and in the etfeds. The world bath that Love that God fhould have, that Care, and Trutt, and Service which belongs to God ; and therefore it isyour God. I do therefore hereon the behalf of God, indite every worldly carnal) firmer of you at the Bar of your own confcience, as a I raytor againft the Lord that made you, and.againft the Son of God that did Redeem you ! And what greater fin can manbe guilty of ( befides the Blafphe4. ming of the Holy Ghoft.) He that would have anotherGod, would have the Lord to be un-Godded , and to lofe his Sove- raign Power and Goodnefs ! And is filch a man fit to live in his light ? Why wretchedTraytor ! If he be not thy God, thou tariff not expel to live by him, or be fuitained, preferved , and provided for by him : Thou canft not live an hour without him! and yet wilt thou raft him off? Wouldit thou pluckup thy own foundation ?, and cut off the bough on which thou ftandeft ? Wouldft thou fire the houle thoudwelleft in? and fink the Ship that keepeth thy feif and all that thouhaft from finking ! Rela- tions are mutual 1 If be (hall be noGod to thee, be it knownto thee thou (halt be none of his People! If he'Thal! be noFather to P thy?