Baxter - BV4253 B39 C78 1658

By theCrofs cf Chrift, 115 God, to call out this wickednefs , and cherilla it no longer Bring forth that Traylor that hash dethroned God in sour hearts and exalted it (elf, and let it die the death. It fubverrerh Common-wealths, and all focieties ; it caufeth perjury, perfirli- oufnefs and (edition ; it raifeth wars, and fees the. world together by the ears : it overturneth all right order , and flrikes at the heart of Morality it fell, and would.make every loan a Woolf or Tyger to his brother : It is a murderer of your cmn fouls and the caufe of cruelty both to the fou!s and bodies of others It is a lyar that promifeth what it cannot perform : It is a cheater that would deceiveyouof your everlafling happinefs ; and rice you into Hell, by pretences of furthering your profits and con- tents : It caufeth p,arents to neg!cet the fouls of their children, and children to with the death of their parents, or be weary of them, or clifregard them: and caufeth Law-fuits and contenti. ons between brother andbrother, and neighbour and neighbour; and fills the heart with rancorand malee ; and turneth families and Kingdoms into confution : It maketh people hate their Teachers ; and too many Minifiers w neglect their flocks t It adulteroufly feeketh to vitiate the fpoufe of Chrift , and cake up the heart which wasreferved for himfelf : It robbethhirn of his honour, of our affections and obedience ; and Sacrilegioufly defaceth the Temple of the Holy Ghoft : it will not allowGod one frect!re tight, not full affeetion of your heart , nor one hour entirely improved for his honour. This is the World ; and thus is it ufed by fenfual men. Judge nowwhether it deferve not to die the death ; and to be call our of your fouls t and whether we have not reafon to fay, Crticifie it, ertic,fie it ? Ask me no more, What evil it 1146 done t You fee it is fuch an enemy to the God of heaven, that if youcherial it and let it live in your hearts, you are not friends to Chrift or your falvation. Away with it then without any more ado ; and ure it as the world did ufe your Lord : and as it nailed him on the Crofs, fo go to his Crofs, for a nail to fallen it, and for firengch toCrucifie it, that you may be viaoes and Cy per-vidors through him that loved you; and overcame the world for you. Choofe not to be flaves, when you may be free-Men and triumphers. Take warning by all that have gone before:you : ferve not a, It.2tttr that cafteth cif all his fervants in diltrefs ; and leaveth Q z them