Baxter - BV4253 B39 C78 1658

By the Crofs ofChriff. 117 folly : and its meet that filch be tiled according to their choice. its meet indeed that webe patient in our Wildernefs, and mtir_ mure not at God for the fufferings that it calìeth us upon. Lut ro love it better then the promifed Land , and ro think or fpeak hardlyof our happinefs itfelf, and thole that would lead us to it, this is unreafonable. The Ifraclitec. were never fo foolifh as to build Cities in the W ildernefs,as defiring to make it their fixed habitations ; but contented rhemfeives with moveable tents. What a curie were it if God fhould put you off With earth, and give you no other treafure and felicity but what it can afford. You might well then look onyour Inheritance as !Iran; did on his twenty Cities in Galilee, r King. 9. 1 r, r z. and difliking it , call it the Land of C..6k1. It is the defcription ofmiferable wicked men to have their portion in this life, Pfslrn I 7. 14. Suppofe you had the molt that you can expe t in the world ; would you be contented with this as your portion ? What is that you would have , and whichyou make fuch a fir for ?. Would you have larger poffeffions, more delightful dwellings , repute with men, the fatisfying of your lulls ? &&c. Dare you tske,all this for your portion if you had it ? Dare you quit your hopes of the life to come for fuch a portion ? You dare not fay fo , nor. do it exprefly; though you do it implyedly and in effc t. O do not that which is fohorrid that your own hearts dare not own with- out tremblingand aftonifhment ! I pray you tell me ; do you think that a fufficient Portion which the Devil himfelf would giveyou if he could,or is willing you fhould have ? He is content that you enjoy your lutts and - pleafures; he is willing to let you have the honours and fulnefs of theworld, while you are on earth. He knows that he can this way belt deal withyour confciences, and pleafe you in his fer- vice, and quiet you awhile till he bath you where he would have have you. He that told Chrift of all the Kingdoms of the world, and the gloryof them, would doubtlefs have given him them, if it had been in his power, to haveobtained his delire, Though you think it too dear to part with your wealth or pleafures for heaven, and to be at the labour of an holy life to obtain it ; the Devil would not r.hiak it too dear to give you all EnPlanc? nor all theworld , if it were in his power, that thereby hemight keep you out of Heaven : And he is willing night and day to 3 go