Baxter - BV4253 B39 C78 1658

you may do with your own asyou lift ; as if it hadbeen gi- iven you to gratifie the fief') : The words that converted Auftin, never funkyet into yourhearts , Rom. 13. r 3,14, [ Let us walk honettlyas in theday : not in rioting and drunkennefs, not in chambering andwantonnefs, not in ftrife.and envying, but put ye on the Lord Jefùs Chrift, and make no provifion for the fiefh, to fulfill the tufts thereof. ] You never felt the meaning ofthofe words,Rom. 8. i 3. If ye live after the flefh ye fhall die : but ifby the Spirit ye mortifie the deeds of the body ye (hall live. ] But to turnmy Complaint into an Admonition, Tbe- leech you confider what you are, andwhatyou do. i. How unlike areyou to 9efaaa Chrift your pattern, that denyedbins= felf all the Honours, and Riches, and Carnal delights ofthe world. Read over his Life, and Readyour own, andjudge whether any man on earth, bemore unlike to Chrift, then a" voluptuous, worldly Gentleman ? Efpecially ifMalignity be addedto hisfenfuality. z, Howunlike areyou to theholy LawsofChrift. Are his precepts of MortificationandSelfdenyal imprintedin your hearts , and predominant in your lives ? Is a beaft any more unlike aman, then your hearts and lives" are unlike Chrifts Laws ? 3. How unlike are you to the Antient Chriftians, that forfookall and followed Chrift, and lived in a Commu- nityof charity ? Andhowunlike to every gracious fóul, that is dead to the world and bath mortifiedhis mem- bers upon earth , and bath his converfation in another world. Areyou not fuck aT Paul wept over , Phil " 3. a 8. Whofe God is their belly , who glory in their fhame, and who mind earthly things , and that are enemies to the Crofs of Chrift. ] though perhaps you areno enemies to hts Name. Believe it, Gentlemen, whatever yourthoughts of