Baxter - BV4253 B39 C78 1658

The Preface. of your (elves may be , you will find that no Religionwill, fave you, that floopeth to the world, and is but anunderling to your flefhly interefl. 4. How unlike are you toyour Profe(sion andyour Cove- nant with God ? and to your Confefsions, and Prayers to him ? Did younot renounce thefle/h, the world andthe De- vil in your Baptifrn ? Do you not (till Profefs that heaven is belt, dndGod is to bepreferred, and yet willyou not do it, but letyour own Profefsions condemn you ? Do you not ordi- narily con fefs that the world is vain , and yet will youPhew your felves fich Dif fenablers, an to love andPeek it more then God ? 4s if there were no more Power in the Spirit of Cisriflianity, then in the opinion of Zeno the Philofopher, who having, oft faid that Poverty andFiches wereneither good nor bad, but things indifferent, was yet difrayed when he heard that hisfarms were feized on by the enemies , the Princehaving fcnt onewith the report to try him; telling him when he had done, that Now Riches andPoverty weruot things indifferent. Row oft have you prayed to be faved from Temptation ? andyet will youRill dote upon your[noes and fetters ; andthew yourfelves filchhypocrites as to love the temptations whichyou pray againft. 5. roil areguilty of adouble injury to God; in that you are obliged to him as his Created fubje/s , and yet more ob- liged by your Riches and Honours, which he hath given you foryour Maflers ufe, [T owhom men give much , from them will they exped the more, Luke i 2.48. ] For a fervant that hath double wages to abufe you ; for afriend that path received double kindnefs to prove falte toyou ; for a commander in the Array to betrayhis General , is fure:an aggravation of the crime. Muff God advanceyou bighefl , andwill you thrall him loveft inyour heart ? Mutt hefeed you with the beft, andcloathyou with the heft and will you put himof with the worfi ? Have you ten times; or an haw- ( b) dred