Baxter - BV4253 B39 C78 1658

The Preface.,, 12. Laflly,,you fin againfl the moll plain and terrible pafJages of Scripture, feconded with dreadful judgements of God, inflitledeither upon your [elves, orat leaf onothers ofyour rank before your eyes. You have read or heardthe words of Chriii, Luk9, 25. [For what is a man ad- vantaged, if he gain the whòle world, and lofe himfelf, and be caft away.] And Luke 12. 33, 34. Sell all that you have, and give alms : provide your felves baggs which wax not 'Id, a treafure in the heavens that faileth not, where no thief approacheth neither mothcorrupt- ed'. For where your treafure is; there will your hearts be alto. ] Youhave heard there the terrible Parable of the Richman, Luke 12. 16,17,.18, 19) 2o. which endeth ¡kith [ Thou fool , this night thy foul "hall be required ofthee,and then whole (hall thole things be which thou, haft provided.] with thisgeneral applicatioy, [ So is he that layethup treafure for himfelf, and is not Rich to- wards Gad ] . Andyou have.heard that more dreadful Par- able Luke 16. of the Rich man that was cloathedira purpleand fared fumptuoufly, and wheat was his endlefs end. You have heard the difficulty of thefalvation of the Rich. Luke 18. 24, ,25. '[ flow hardly fhall they that have Riches enter into the Kingdom ofGods ] Becau e they are fohare; keptfrom loving them inordinately, and trailing in them..Youhaveheardhow fully Chrifi is refol- tied that no man can be his Dilciple that forfaketh not all that he bath for hin, Luke 14. 33, 26, 27. And ifyou goneverfofar in your obedience,andyet lack this one thing, to part withall (in affefiion, and refolution , and prac`íife when herequireth it) and follow Chrift in fiafferings and wants in hopeof a tr.eaflare in heaven, its certain that Chrifl andyommislipart. Lake 18, 22. You have heard the ter- rible palages in Jam. 5. 1, 2, &c.-and abundance [rich in ?be wordofGod : Andyet areyou not afraid of worldlinefs gay