Baxter - BV4253 B39 C78 1658

ThePreface. 9. Tour wealth andgreatnefs do afford yougreat oppor- tunities to dogood, andtofurther the[alvation ofyour felves and others : and worldltnefs andfenfuality willrobyou of thefe opportunities. o horn manygood works might you have done, to the honour-of your Lord, and the benerit of *there and your felves if you hadmade the bell of your Interef? andEftates ? The lofs of the Reward willfhortly appear to you it greater lofs, then that whichyou now account the lofs of your egates . io. Your worldlinefs and fenfuality is a fin againfl your own experience, and the experienceof alltheworld. You have long tryed the world ; and what bath it donefor you that you fhould fo over-value it. You know that it is the common vote of allthat ever tryedit, loaner or later, that it is vanity and vexation. Andhaveyounot the wit or grace, to learnfrom fo_ plain a teacher as Experience , yea your own experience,yea andall the worlds experience. i . You fin alfa againfl your very Reafon itfelf and again]i your certainknowledge. You knowmoll certainly that the worldwillferveyou but a little while. You know the day is hard at hand when it will turn you off ; and you (hallfay , I have nowhadall that the world can de for me Naked you came into it , andnakedyouneplIgo out of it. Haud ullas portabis open Acherontis ad andas. And then you jhall more finfably know what you nowfo overvalued , andwhat you preferredbefore God and your falvation, then now 1 amable to makeyou know. G what low thoughts will every one ofyou have of all your pomp andpleafure, your vain-glory andall yourfle/hly accommodations,whenyouper- ceive that they aregone, and leave your fouls to the Iuflice of that God , whom for the leve of themyou wilfullyneg. leted ? 1 fpoor menof mean and low education , were fo fottilh as not to knowthefe things, me thinks itMould not be fowith you, that are bred tomore underflanding then they. (b 2) I2. Laftly,