Baxter - BV4253 B39 C78 1658

The Preface. Godhad iint dài-bid it', and offered' you ten thoufand times more, Doth it excufe you that the world is nearandcer- tain, _. and heaven uncertain or out of fight ? res , if you are beaus that have no Reafon to knowwhat will be but on- 1y folk to feel what is ; or if Godhave not givenyou an falltble promife, befriended by Reafon, Pealed by multitudes of uncontroled Miracles , and tranfcribed on his fervants hearts ; andif the Greatnefs of the Glory promifed werenot fuffuient to do more at a divance with a man of faith and reafon, then childifh trifles near at hand as the Sun at a 'difiance'giveth us more light thena glow, worm that is bard by. Yea and if the worldwhich you think fo certain, were not certainly trapf tort' andvain ; fo that he thatgets it , is certain (portly to be nogainer , andhe that loofeth it , to be no loafer. You look on a poorpraying felf-denying Believer, but you lookbeforeyou on aSaint that(hall raign with Chrift, and judge the world, when he cometh to be glorified in his Saints, and admired in all them thatbelieve, 2 Thef. i . io. You fee them low their feed in tears , but fee itnot fpringing up, nor do youfirefee the joyful harvef. Youfee themfollowing 'Chrift through tribulations, bearing his Croft anddefpifing the (home ; but you fee them notyetfet down withhim on their thrones. The'fightyou fee, but the triumph you fee not. You fee them toff at sea, butyouknownot how Are a Pilot they have ; nor do you fee the riches of their fraigbt;. You fee fckne fsor perPetitionunpinning their care ruptible rags, anddcathi witolrefing them, but you fee not the cloathes which they are putting on. You fee them laidafleep by death but you fee not their awaking ; nor the'rïung of their Sun, when the Righteous (ball have dominion in'the morning. The -miin th it is dead to the worldyou fee ; but yvtfee not the life that is hidwith Chrifi in God , nor their appearing with ',him in Glory,,.when Chrifi who is their life sppears! .Tour .unbelieving folds imagine -there will be no (e) May