Baxter - BV4253 B39 C78 1658

The Preface. c ampleëkeris fcedum : Flores ejus quomodo collige- res, quia fpin's non revocas manumf j And it is jug- that they fbould have a bed of thorns, that wilfullymake choice of it. Seneca thus juftifeth God , -that though he givemenfilch perplexities andvexations it is nullis nifi optantibus, only to them that will needs have it (o, and are choofers of their own diiruîíions : Choofers do 1fayt Tea and willcompafs Sea and Landfor it a Stretch con fciencefor it till it tear or can firetch nofurther ' opprefs anddefraud for it ( fame of them) r break vows and-Co- venantsfor it : fell GodandHeaven for it : fcrambling withfrith diflrailedviólencefor the fmoaky honours, the no- minalwealtb,the intoxicatingpleafures ofafew hafty daies, that they care not what they part withfor them, nor who they bear down thatflandeth in their way. Qid non mor- talia pectora cogit, Auii Sacra fames . And is ChriJi . worth no more , then to be fold with Judas forfobatea price e isour heavenly birth-right a thing fo bafe,, or the yromife ofour immortal crown fo uncertain , as tobe parted with on Efaú's terms e isGod andEndlefs Glory worth no more, then this comes to ! Propter nu:nmos Deum con- temnere, faith Hierom, to defpife and caft off God,for a thing fo bate , is the bafeft kind of defpifing him. The Idolators that villifiedhim by making images of him, were askt, Towhom will you liken me , faith the holy One, Ifa. 40. 18, 25. And theft (enfual,andcovetous ido lators mull be asked, [Whom will you match with God or fee up againft him, and prefer before hint. What will you choofe, if you choofe not him? What shall be your portion inftead of heaven e ] Doih it ex- cufe you that the world bath Jo lovely an afpea e 2'es , if God be not moreamiable then it, and ifhisface andfavour be not more defirable. Doth iteccu eyou that the Baits of the world are pleafartand that it o ered youfair : Yes if God