Baxter - BV4253 B39 C78 1658

The Preface moll of as bave needof the counted which the Bifhop.of Co- len gave the Empereur Sigifmund that askt him , What he fhould do to be happy r [ Live , faith he, as you pro- mifed to do, Rhen you were laft fick of the ftone and, govt. ] Even the moll notoriousfanners teem Saints when they fee the world is leaving them. AndBoth not common reafon tell us that that which will fo move as then , fhould prevail with us as much before, when we are certain all our life time that this parting timewill come ? Inde, d the crea- -ture as it is annexeduntoGodand fubfervienr to him , may have an ant erable trufl and love : The Jmallefl twig that is f4 to the tree, may help youout of the water if you lay holdof it ; But if it be brokenfrom the tree, it will deceive you,thoughyou hold it neverfofall. o then:fore láok for finer footing : A handfull of water will not faveyou from being drowned. Buildon the Rock ofages, that never faileth them that trufl him ; though yet theblind unbelzevirg world , be more diflruflful ofhim, then of that which they have tryed is not to betrufled. A wife manfhould know him tobe trufly that he trufteth in a cafe that concerneth his falvation. And true Believersand none but they may fay with Paul,' know whom I have trufted, 2 Tim. r. I 2. Direa. s. Let it be your daily care tokeepdear ac- compts between God and you, of your Receivings and Disburfements. Its time tobewail the expence of that , if it be but agroat, that youcannot give a comfortable account of. When ever you have feveral waies beforeyou , for the laying out of your money or your time, letthe Queflion be'fe- riouflyput toyour heart, Which of thefe waies fhald I wills at death andjudgement that.! had expended it ? and let that be chafer; ás the way. Direst. 6. Be fure to watch thole thieves that would rob you of your Mafters talents that fhould be em-. ployed for his tee. And will you give me leave to be (d) plain