Baxter - BV4253 B39 C78 1658

T he Preface. Luke i8. might have followed Chris on ¡itch terms at tbefe, he wouldhardly have goneforrowfully from him. z. By this menPhew that they prefer their children be- fore God. 2. And that they prefer them before the Church, and Go el , and the Common-wealth : When an heroick Heathen wouldhave confè(fed that his eflaté and children,' and his life were not too good to be facrifaced to his Coun- trey ; as thecafe of the Dec ii andmany other Romans that gave their lives for their Countrey witneffeth.3.Thefe men prefer the worldly riches of their childrenbefore the fouls of men : When they have fa many Calls to employ their wealth to the furthering ofmens falvation,andput by all that their children may be rich. q.. They prefer their children: Riches before their own everlafling good : Or elfe they would not deny themfelves the Reward of an holy improvement of their talents, andcat! themfelves upon the terrible fentence that is pall upon unprofitablefervants,and all to leave their childrenwealthy. 5. They prefer the bodily profperity of their childrenbefore theirfpiritual : Or elfe they would not be fo eager to leave them that Riches,whichChrift bath told them is fuch a fn are , and hindrance to . men: falvation. 6. 7hey would teachall the world the eafte art of never do- inggood in lifeor death. For if all muff follow theirprin- ciples, then the Parents muff keep almofl allfor their chil- dren, and the children mull do the like by their children,and fo it mull runon to allgenerations , that their poflerity may be kept as rich as theirpredece(fors. 7. How .unlike is, this to the antient Saints ; and how unlike to the general pre- cepts offelf-denyal , anddoing good to all while we have tirne,&c.which Chrifl bath left us in the Gofpel.Enableyour children to be ferviceable in the Church and Common- wealth, as far as you may ; but prefer them not before the 'Church or Common--wealth. Wrongnot God, nor your own fouls, nor the fouls or bodies of other men, to procure your (d 3) children